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SAVE THOUSANDS of dollars in listing commissions!

Everyone wants to save money, don’t they? With this unique program if you are planning on Selling a home with the intention of Buying another home, you now have an opportunity to do exactly that and save thousands with, Buy a Home With Me, I’ll List Yours for FREE!


Well, there is no need to explain this one. If you are buying a home with your List Yours for FREE agent under Buy a Home with ME, I’ll List Yours for FREE, there are no up front fees. You will get the expert service and professional help you deserve and should expect from everyone who provides a service to you, regardless of the commission.

With that being said, please feel free to search for your new home or chose a List yours for FREE agent today to start working for you!

 KEEP YOUR EQUITY so that your family can benefit more from the purchase of your next home!

You work hard for your money, don’t think you should be able to keep it? I think you should, that’s why I am offering you Buy a Home with Me, I’ll List Yours for FREE!

As your agent I make my money off selling you a home, not from selling your home.

This unique design allows you the ability to capitalize on the savings. Now because of Buy a home with me, I’ll list yours for FREE you can; Use your equity to put a larger down payment on your new home,buy a larger home for your family, reduce the price of your home to sell it faster, offer to pay closing costs for a buyer, or maybe just go on vacation with the extra money. All of these options and possibly more that we haven’t even thought of are now available because of , Buy a home with me, I’ll list yours for FREE. 


YOUR Licensed Realtor Kevin Rose is committed contractually to giving you the same full service you should always receive regardless of what commission is being earned!

Buy a home with me, I’ll list yours for FREE!

Now that you have an understanding of how much you can save, please feel free to CONTACT ME anytime to answer any of your questions. Also feel free to start searching the Lafayette Louisiana of surrounding Acadiana area for the home of your dreams now and let us worry with selling your home when the time comes. Remember I am your Realtor when your ready!

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