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Yahoo Names Youngsville LA  Best Place to Live in Louisiana in 2011!

From Fastest Growing Settlement to Fastest Growing City

The history of Youngsville LA  reflects the spirit of the community today and the promise of an even greater tomorrow.

The French Acadian farmers who first settled in Youngsville LA  (they called it Royville) certainly knew opportunity when they saw it. By 1859, the settlement had grown large enough to establish St. Anne Catholic Church which still stands today and remains one of the oldest Catholic Churches in Lafayette Parish. Because of this, the name of the oldest street in the city is Church Street. By 1908, the community had grown to village status and for reasons unknown the U.S. Post Office requested a name change. Citizens chose Youngsville (meaning young village), chose a democratic form of government and elected a Mayor and three Alderman.

On January 20, 1983, Louisiana Governor David Treen declared the village of Youngsville LA a town. The town continued to be governed by a Mayor and increased its number of Aldermen from three to five.

round-a-bout-clockBetween the years 1990 and 2005, Youngsville LA had statistically become Louisiana’s fastest growing town with a population increase of over 300%. Due to the tremendous growth, Youngsville was declared a city by Governor Kathleen Blanco in 2005. The Mayor and five (5) Councilmen will still govern the City of Youngsville LA.

Growth has become a tradition in Youngsville LA because those who live, work and do business here have never taken their eyes off the prize – opportunity. As the city continues to expand its boundaries and services, the opportunities continue to expand as well.

No other community in Louisiana offers such a richly diverse environment and lifestyle. Youngsville is a place where the tall cane continues to grow strong with each season right alongside a progressive Lafayette-like urban area. It’s where family values are never compromised. All are welcome to share equally in an atmosphere of continued growth


Between the years 2000 and 2010, the population of Youngsville LA has increased 103% to 8,105 according to the 2010 Census. This number is likely low because a majority of the growth comes from an influx of younger professionals who, by nature, are more apt to submitting data via the Internet as opposed to responding to paper Census forms.


Youngsville LA has the highest per capita income ($31,257) in Lafayette Parish. Compare that to the Parish’s largest city Lafayette ($27,532) or the Parish as a whole ($26,791). Go a bit further and compare it to the state’s largest cities like New Orleans ($24,929) or Baton Rouge ($23,195) or compare it to the entire state ($23,094).* The bottom line is, the bottom line’s better in Youngsville.

But Youngsville LA isn’t a community of numbers; it’s a community of people, places, culture, diversity and tradition. The simple reason for the extraordinary numbers is, as soon as someone unfamiliar with Youngsville LA becomes familiar with all we have to offer – they’re hooked. We think you’ll be too.

Take your time and when you’re ready, call me and let me show you around so you can discover for yourself why we’re Louisiana’s Community of Opportunities.

*Source – U.S. Census Bureau: State and County QuickFacts

Youngsville LA Schools

Of paramount concern to all good parents, are the schools their children will attend. In all of Louisiana, you would be hard pressed to find a school system operated by more conscientious administrative professionals, teachers as caring as they are knowledgeable, and positive, nurturing and progressive learning environment. We encourage you to call whichever school applies to your children for more information.

Elementary Schools

Ernest Gallet                                                          Green T. Lindon

2901 East Milton Avenue                                    603 Avenue B

Youngsville LA 70592                                          Youngsville LA 70592

(337) 856-1934                                                      (337) 856-7261

REVIEWS                                                               REVIEWS

Middle School

Youngsville Middle

600 Church Street

Youngsville LA 70592-5725

(337) 856-5961


Private School

Ascension High School

1800 Chemin Metairie Parkway

Youngsville, LA 70592-5586

(337) 856-0043


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