The Top 3 Housing market questions everyone contemplating!

Dated: December 17 2023

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In the realm of the current real estate landscape, there exists a notable level of bewilderment. Discussions with friends might yield one perspective, while the news or social media could present entirely divergent viewpoints. For those contemplating a move, this creates a host of lingering questions. This is precisely where the expertise of a trusted local REALTOR becomes invaluable.

Addressing the top three queries circulating about today’s housing market requires delving into the pertinent data.

  1. The Trajectory of Mortgage Rates Mortgage rates have soared to heights unseen recently, significantly impacting home affordability for potential buyers. The uncertainty about future rates prevails, but historical trends offer some insights.

    A longstanding correlation exists between mortgage rates and inflation. During periods of high inflation, mortgage rates tend to rise. Over the past year, inflation escalated, leading to an increase in mortgage rates. However, as inflation subsides, the Federal Reserve has put the brakes on federal funds rate hikes, suggesting a potential downturn in mortgage rates.

    Recent weeks have shown sporadic glimpses of slightly lower mortgage rates, albeit amidst volatility. The prevailing anticipation is that in 2024, a more consistent downward trend will emerge. Aziz Sunderji, a Strategist at Home Economics, asserts, "Interest rates are likely to be lower—perhaps even lower than many optimists think—in the weeks and months to come."

  2. Trajectory of Home Prices Despite concerns of a price collapse this year, data defies the predictions. Home prices are on an upward trajectory in most parts of the nation. Forecasts indicate that this trend will persist, albeit at a more moderate pace typical of a stable housing market.

    The Home Price Expectation Survey from Pulsenomics, featuring insights from over 100 economists and real estate experts, underscores the confidence in continued appreciation. The consensus among the panel is that prices will continue to ascend in the coming years.

  3. Estimated home price appreciation
  4. Recession Speculation Recession discussions have been prevalent in recent years, but current indicators bring positive news. The Wall Street Journal regularly polls experts on this matter, and their views have shifted. Contrary to last year's predictions, a recession appears less likely, with a majority of experts expressing optimism.

    The latest survey results, as illustrated below, demonstrate a shift away from recession concerns:

  5. Do experts think a recession is coming
  6. This positive outlook has significant implications for the housing market. While the split between those anticipating a recession and those dismissing it may seem close, the key takeaway is that the majority of experts believe we've sidestepped a recession.

In conclusion, the data doesn't warrant apprehension; instead, it offers glimpses of optimism. For a more in-depth discussion on your housing market queries as we approach the new year, consider reaching out and lets discuss your home buying and selling needs. Contact Me

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The Top 3 Housing market questions everyone contemplating!

In the realm of the current real estate landscape, there exists a notable level of bewilderment. Discussions with friends might yield one perspective, while the news or social media could present

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